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The Geoscience Data Journal provides an open access platform where scientific data can be formally published, in a way that includes scientific peer-review. An online-only journal, the Geoscience Data Journal publishes short data papers cross-linked to, and citing, datasets that have been deposited in approved data centres.

A data paper describes a dataset, giving details of its collection, processing, software, file formats etc, without the requirement of novel analyses or ground breaking conclusions. It allows the reader to understand the when, how and why data was collected and what the data-product is.

Mandate for Access to underlying dataset: YES
DOIs issued: YES

Note from FOSTER Editor: FOSTER recommends Data Journals that mandate that data is deposited in long-term data repositories, and persitent idetifiers issued (e.g. DOI). We recommend you verify the credibility of any peer-reviewed Open Access journal that you are unfamiliar with, before you submit your publications (e.g. Directory of OA Journals www.doaj.org, Jefferey Beall, Librairan at University of Colorado, maintains a widely cited credibility list of Open Access publishers at http://scholarlyoa.com/ ).

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