Guidelines for TDM practitioners by FutureTDM

This document represents the first iteration of a series of practitioner guidelines for the increased usage and implementation of text and data mining (TDM) in various sectors. They include:

  • In section 2, guidelines to help TDM practitioners understand the legal landscape around TDM and reduce legal uncertainty.
  • In section 3, guidelines for those who wish or need to license others’ content for TDM, detailing considerations that may be relevant to content licences.
  • In section 4, guidelines outlining best practices for data management, to help researchers manage and share their content in ways that make it genuinely valuable for re-use for TDM.
  • In section 5, guidelines outlining how universities can take practical steps towards supporting TDM in a coordinated, centralised way.

These guidelines will be further disseminated as separate documents via the FutureTDM website,1 blog, and dedicated awareness sheets that will be shared with relevant stakeholders. They will also be supplemented by case studies covering illustrative examples, again distributed via the FutureTDM website and awareness sheets. The guidelines presented in this first iteration will be updated throughout the remainder of the project, based on feedback and further engagement with stakeholders, to ensure that they are as relevant and useful as possible.