How to create a course


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If you are the Course Creator, you will find a button "+ new Course" on the top navigation bar. Click there to start building your course.

Create Course
In the "Title" area provide a short but descriptive title for the course. In the "Description" text box explain the purpose of the course and briefly add some of the course objectives.

Enrolment and Course Dates
By checking or unchecking the "Enrolment" box you can open a course for immediate enrolment - you can check or uncheck this box more than once. Choose the opening and closing dates for the course . This information may be useful to the course participants. Tip: Users will be able to enrol to the course freely. No start or and date is required.

Cover Image
The course creators can choose the course's cover image. If you click on the "Choose File" button you can upload an image saved in your computer. Make sure you have the rights to use the image online.

Topics, Stakeholders, Level of Knowledge
The three last sections require from the course creator to provide relevant descriptive information with regards to the course. Use keywords to describe the courses' topics, the groups of people the course could be of interest and if there any course prerequisites.

Click on "View all topics", located under the "Topics" section, and choose one or more topics from the taxonomy.

Click on "View all audiences", located under the "Stakeholders" section, and choose one or more stakeholders that could participate in the course.

Level of knowledge
Select a "Level of Knowledge" from the menu, choosing one of the four available options.

Preview and Save
You can click on the "Preview" button anytime to check how the content you add would look like on the public page. When done click "Save" button to preserve your content.

Saved Content
When you save all the descriptive information about the course, you will be forwarded to a new page. If you would like to start adding lessons, click on the "Course Outline Section" on the top of the page, at the yellow box.

If you would like to change something from the general Course page, click on link "course edit page", located at the end of the course summary page.

Do not forget to check the information generated in the right hand side menu, "Full Details", "Topics" and "Audience".

Authors: Nancy Pontika, Matteo Cancellieri
Publication year: 2015
Language: English (EN)
Level of knowledge: Introductory: no previous knowledge is required
Usage rights: Attribution - CC-BY