<p>To retrieve a list of all the publications of a project, go to the Openaire website at
Then, identify the page of your project by searching the project on the main menu “Search” -> “Publications, data, projects, …”:</p>
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Then, before the search box, select “Projects” on the combo-box and input a search term:

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From the results list, select your project to access the project page on OpenAIRE Portal. This page will aggregate all the information about the project as the information of the funding, partners and also the publications, datasets and statistics.

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This page also contains an “App Box” that allow you to generate reports based on the information of the OpenAIRE Portal.

<img src="/sites/default/files/images/4.fw_.png" alt=""style="width:350px" />

On this App Box click on “View EC progress report (HTML) to access a list of the identified publications or download this information in CSV format to use on a spreadsheet.

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