KU Leuven heralds the 2014 edition of the International Open Access Week themed “Generation Open” with a one-day Boo(s)tcamp Open Science focussing on junior researchers. The day will be launched with a crash course on the ideas and principles of Open Access & Open Data for newbies (“Learn to speak Open”), followed by a Q&A with a panel of regional funders with an OA mandate (“Ask the Funders”). The floor is then given to Open Science testimonials from the Life Sciences, STEM and Humanities (‘”Meet the Experts”) with practical tips on how to open up your research and give it a boost.



OA and (Open)Data – practicalities
Hannelore Vanhaverbeke
The Benefits of Openness
The Practice of Openness
Open Publishing: Open Peer Review & Altmetrics & Inside Tips to get published
Elisabeth Moylan
Open Data – one researcher’s experience
Open access genetic data for realtime epidemiology
Digital Humanities
Katrien Verbert & Barbara Bordalejo


KU Leuven Belgium

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Organisers: KU Leuven (Belgium)
Language: English


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