FOSTER and YEAR Network (Young European Associated Researchers) announce an Open Science webinar for March 22, 13-14 CET (register).

Outline: Securing research grants to pursue one’s curiosity driven research (and hopefully build a research group around it!) is becoming more and more competitive. Funds are scarce, and researchers are expected to be good at pushing the boundaries of knowledge, as well as applying that knowledge for societal benefit in measurable terms.

The presentation will introduce the concept of Open Science, its relevance for optimizing academic research impact performed by non-university Research Performing Organisations (RPO) funded by both industry and public funding. In addition, evidence will be shown how Open Science can make proposals more competitive in any research discipline, and suggest examples of best practices from evaluated proposals.

The talk is based on “Winning Horizon 2020 with Open Science” brief funded by FP7 FOSTER (EC Grant Agreement 612 425) and H2020 FOSTER+ (EC Grant Agreement 741 839).

- 69 registered
- 25 attendees (11 female; 14 male)
- 34% Norway
- 14 % Spain
- 11% Austria
- 11% Belgium
- 4% Canada
- 26% other


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Organisers: Ivo Grigorov (FOSTER+ Project) and Alexis Sevault (
Language: EN


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