The Open Science CLINIQUE will be part of ERASMUS+ Project CRETE "Critical Skills for Electronic Engineers of 2020" intensive training course, 1-5 April at Aalborg University (Copenhagen campus).

The Clinique will be delivered in a blended-learning format, whereby attendees are expected to sit through basic FOSTER e-learning courses pre-event, followed by an interactive 120 min session 1-5 April.


Pre-event self-learning
ERASMUS+CRETE attendees are advised to sit the FOSTER+ introductory courses below prior to attending the clinique:
e-lesson (1) What is Open Science,
e-lesson (2) Introduction to Open Science
e-lesson (3) Managing and Sharing Reseach Data
(problems accessing the e-lessons? Contact Nancy Pontika at the HelpDesk)


CLINIQUE Session Programme:

30 min Presentation: Open Science & Why should you care?
20 min Debate Exercise: How reproducible is YOUR research?
20 min Debate Exercise: Research Papers vs Research "outputs"?
20 min Debate Exercise: What if you could publish just 3 papers, ever!
30 min Guest Talk by AAU Humanomics Research Group (to be confirmed)




Aalborg University, Copenhagen

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Organisers: ERASMUS+ CRETE Project (Konstantinos Petridis, Katerina Zourou & Evangelia Triantafilou) & FOSTER+ (Ivo Grigorov)
Language: EN

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