This webinar is conducted in the framework of the EU-funded project FIT4RRI. It is the second of two sessions in which the conductors of the FIT4RRI co-creations experiments share experiences and insights of engaging quadruple helix actors (academia, industry, government and society) into the design and implementation of research projects. Join the webinar to learn more about how to foster institutional change towards responsible research & open science.


  • Adrian Solomon, South East European Research Centre, Project Manager, coordinates the co-creation experiments in FIT4RRI and will talk about the general set-up and objectives.
  • Andrea Riccio,  Universita degli studi di Roma la Sapienza, coordinates the FIT4RRI project. In the webinar she will share  her experience on implementing a responsible governance to increase social impact & value, within an ongoing Sapienza project aimed at the creation of a new research center.
  • Nancy Pontika, Open Access Aggregation Officer at Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, will share her experience on Text and Data Mining Big Scholarly Data. More specifically she will present the eduTDM framework as a one-point access platform for text and data miners to access content from multiple different publishers.



  • Introduction and Experiment methodology (Adrian Solomon)
  • La Sapienza Experiment (Andrea Riccio)
  • Open University Experiment (Nancy Pontika)




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Organisers: FIT4RRI
Language: English

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