Morning workshop: Good practice in data management & data sharing with social research

This skills enhancement workshop, delivered by Edinburgh University Data Library staff, features hands-on training with Research Data MANTRA, an online training resource to facilitate understanding of research data management and issues in data sharing ( The objective of this training is to provide new entrants into the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science with a grounding in good data management and sharing practice before beginning their formal studies.

Learning objectives include:

  • Organise and version your data files effectively
  • Document your data well for yourself and others, cite data properly
  • Know how to store and transport your data safely and securely (backup and encryption)
  • Understand legal and ethical requirements for managing data about human subjects
  • Recognise the importance of good research data management practice in your own context

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    Afternoon workshop: Overcoming obstacles to sharing data about human subjects

    Confidentiality requirements are often pitted against data sharing requirements in social research. Does the need for disclosure control about human subjects necessarily mean that your research data cannot be shared and re-used?

    Building on the morning skills enhancement workshop, this afternoon workshop aims to dig deeper into such issues as informed consent, anonymisation and pseudonomisation techniques, and complying with ethical and legal obligations in conducting research with human subjects. Edinburgh University Data Library staff, who run the Edinburgh DataShare repository and created the MANTRA online training course (, will facilitate this interactive workshop.

    Expert speakers will guide participants through real-world examples of making social research data sharable using qualitative, quantitative and video data.
    This advanced workshop will be opened up to 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students as space allows.

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    Robin Rice


    Introduction: Good practice in data management & data sharing with social research
    Why is data management important? And how can I get started?
    Overcoming obstacles to sharing data about human subjects


    University of Edinburgh

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