Open Science Clinique at EGU2017 | FOSTER

As part of EGU2017 Short Course program, FOSTER+ partners will run an "Open Science Clinique" where attendees can book a 20 min slot with us on Thur 27th April 8:30-12pm, and receive specific advice on how to incorporate Open Science in their research grant proposals in order to be more competitive at evaluation.

BOOK a 20 min slot using Google Forms here

1: Book a 20 min slot
2: Be ready to present the full range of research outputs of your work in 3 min (face to face, no slides)
3: We spend the rest 17 min looking for specific solutions. We wont be able to fix everything, but hopefully you can get a start.

No slots available?
Keep an eye on FOSTER Open Science Calendar of webinars and local trainings, OR
Sit one of our e-learning courses here, OR
Contact us with any specific requests (email, message subject "Open Science Clinique").

Good luck!


Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, 1220 Viena, Austria

Full details

Organisers: Ivo Grigorov, Nancy Pontika, Martin Donnelly (FOSTER+ Project)
Language: EN



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