This webinar series is part of FOSTER and FOSTER+ efforts to build capacity among Horizon 2020 National Contact Points to support applicants on Open Science across all Societal Challenges. The on-demand training, and the topics and content are prioritized by members of the Net4Mobility Network and open to all NCP Networks.

RATIONALE: Between 2014-2017, FOSTER+ Consortium experimented with integrating Open Science in all 3 parts of MSCA (IF and ITN) proposals as a tool for (1) rigorous and reproducible methods, (2) re-use of results, and (3) improving the societal impact of research, as well as optimising career impact for the MSCA fellows. Our approach on Winning Horizon 2020 with Open Science now offers a growing body of evidence that Open Science can add a competitive advantage to proposals.

EC Working Group on Education and Skills also recommends in June 2017: - "In the case of (Early Career Researchers), it should be mandatory for universities and research organisations to offer these as part of their training" - "an action should be developed for Open Science placements for ECRs, either within or separate from the Marie Skłowodska Curie actions" - "Institutions should lastly recognise and reward Open Science training and Open Science track record in the research and career evaluations of researchers."

OBJECTIVES for the Webinar Series: The series content is determined by the NCPs themselves,as to best fit their current awareness and needs. The ultimate goal is to build capacity among NCPs to advise MSCA applicants on making Open Science part of the standard research method design and research process. Webinars will be recorded, and trainers selected from the FOSTER+ Partnership and the community of practioners, based on selected topics. To prioritise which topics Net4Mobility NCPs should be trained on, please select the Open Science topics here.

TOPICS prioritised by NCPs:

Friday, 13 oct, 12-13cet: Open Data & Open Access Obligations in H2020,
Video Recording Here

Speaker on Open Data Obligations: Pedro Principe, Un Minho, PT
Bio: Pedro Principe is information specialist at Un Minho, partner in EC flagship project on Open Access, OpenAIRE and part of the management team for FOSTER and FOSTER+.

Speaker on Open Access Obligations: Nancy Pontika, Open University, UK
Bio: Nancy Pontika has a PhD in Open Access, with a focus on Open Access Funders’ Policies. She is a FOSTER+ Partner and advocates for pure Open Access, machine access to open access research papers and the promotion of Open Science for the advancement of research.

What can NOADs do for Net4Mobility NCPs: Brief showcase of the OpenAIRE's National Open Access Desks by Pedro Principe (NOAD for Portugal).

Friday, 20 oct, 12-13cet: Winning Horizon2020 with Open Science,
Video Recording Here
Speaker: Ivo Grigorov, Technical University of Denmark
Bio: Ivo Grigorov is a fundraiser for National Institute of Aquatic Resources at Technical University of Denmark, and runs the "Open Science Clinique" for H2020 Applicants and National Contact Points (NCPs).

Tuesday, 31 oct, 12-13cet: Open Data Strategies & Research Data Management
Video Recording, SlideShare
Speaker: Martin Donnelly, Digital Curation Center, UK
Bio: Martin Donnelly has a background in social science and expert in digital preservation, data management and curation. Martin also advises the EC on quality of Data Management Plans submitted by Horizon 2020 Applicants.

What can OpenAIRE NOADS do for Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCP)? 10 min recording, Link to NOADS page by Pedro Principe (Un Minho)


Registered Attendees:
Name / Gender / Organization
Sordet Véronique (f) Euresearch
Charles Betz (m) Luxinnovation
Muna Zaqsaw (f) Higher Council for Science & Technology
Dalibor Drljaca (m) Europrojekt centar
Sandra Vidović (f) Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes
Margarida Santos (f) GPPQ-FCT (PT)
Magdalena Chomicka (f) IPPT PAN / NCP Poland
Hela Hassairi (f) Centre for Water Research and Technologies
Sibylla Martinelli (f) Euresearch
Corina Abraham-Barna (f) BUASVM Timisoara
Petra Tramte (f) Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
Alexandros Iakovidis (m) Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
Nada Milosevic (f) Ministry of Education, Science and technological development
Maria Teresa Cazal (f) CONACYT Paraguay
Malgorzata Czerwiec (f) UKRO Eliana
Ulate Brenes (f) Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications
Antoaneta Mateeva (f) MSCA NCP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Smadar, ISERD
Gordana Vlahovic (f) University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Gabriella Tchouprenska (f) Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Ricaud Nadege (f) F.R.S.-FNRS
Anahit Khachikyan (f) NAS RA
Tuğba Arslan Kantarcıoğlu (f) TUBITAK
Selcen Aslan (f) TUBITAK
Lili Vasileva (f) MCST
Ieva Krumina (f) State Education Development Agency
Latvia Marta (f) UCA
Mona (f) Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
Corina Abraham-Barna (f) BUASVM
Timisoara Charles Betz (m) Luxinnovation
5 x Anonymous Attendees




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Organisers: Veronique Sordet (Net4Mobility Training Coordinator);
Language: EN


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