Join the online conversation on the 18th March in sync with the Higher Education Institutions & Responsible Research & Innovation HEIRRI Conference .

#HEIRRIConf and #OpenSci4Doc

Rationale: As the Digital Age disrupts many sectors and industry, so research and academia face new challenges in the generation, translation and transfer of new knowledge. The solutions to today`s Societal Challenges depend on fast and unimpeded flow of ideas in order to generate solutions that fully exploit new research and knowledge.

Societal Challenges and Academia incentives however are not always alined, and diverge at different pace. Research Impact which motivates researchers is not same as Societal Impact of research. In this modern age, does the notion and definition of "research excellence" match societal needs? Are we training the future generation of researchers with the right skills so that they graduate with a running start and thrive into a rapidly evolving "science-in-and-for-society" environment?

The Twitter-thlon will touch on barriers and benefits to integrating concepts of #OpenScience and #RRI in the Graduate Curricula alongside research excellence training.

#HEIRRIConf and #OpenSci4Doc

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Organisers: Ivo Grigorov (FOSTER), Reme Melero (FOSTER), HEIRRI Conference Organizers
Language: ENG


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