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The webinar is part of FOSTER Project effort to support Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCP) to advise applicants on Open Science benefits to competitive proposals. The webinars are provided on request by Ideal-IST NCP and open to the FET NCP Network. Webinars will be recorded and posted on this webpage.

OBJECTIVES of the series is to address demand-driven needs for NCPs, and introduce the OpenAIRE National Open Access Desk (NOAD) as to the relevant discipline-specific NCP communities.

Date: 16 Jun 2017, 12 CET
Introductions: What are NOADs, and how can the network support NCP's? by Najla Rettberg, OpenAIRE Scientific Manager
Training: Open Data Strategies for Research Data Management, and impact of best practices? Video Recording
Trainer: Martin Donnelly, Digital Curation Center
Webinar Room access here

Date: 23 Jun 2017, 12 CET
Introductions: What are NOADs, and how can the network support NCP's? by Najla Rettberg, OpenAIRE Scientific Manager
Training:What are the Horizon 2020 Open Access/Open Data Mandates? What should applicants comply with?
Trainers: Martin Donnelly, DCC
Webinar Room access here

Webinar Series Description: Open Science is an EC Policy Priority under the broader Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) approach. Open Science is more than just access to research for tax payer on the ethical grounds, and is about performing research in a way that optimises societal impact of the research.

Traditionally, research has focused on the peer-review publication as the main output of the research process. Open Science philosophy, best practices and e-infrastructure allows for the entire Research Lifecycle to be more transparent, reproducible, and accessible to citizen scientists and the knowledge-based private sector. Ultimately, the EC aims to use Open Science to fuel Open Innovation and public trust in research.

Past Webinars:
10th Nov (thursday), 12CET:
Webinar Recording
10 min: Open Science in EC Context
10 min: What is the NOAD Contact Points network & how can they support Horizon2020 NCPs?
10 min: Does Open Science make a difference at proposal Evaluation?
10-15 min: Q&A and attendees determine top 3 topics to be covered in follow-up Friday lunchtime webinar series.

Attending OpenAIRE NOADS:
Inge van Nieuwerburgh, Belgium
Beate Ellend, Sweden

Registered Attendees Ideal-IST NCP webinar NOv 2016:
Sylvia Ilieva, IICT-BAS
Tofig Babayev, R.I.T.A.
Eunice Ribeiro, FCT
Ola Ihnatowicz, IPPT PAN
Tatyana Lyadnova, BELISA- Belorisian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific & Technical Sphere
David Kolman, FFG
Ruben, RVO.NL
Daniela Mercurio, APRE
Van Dinter, Belspo
Litsa Kountouridou, Research Promotion Foundation, Cyprus
Hadas Daar, ISERD
Neagu Gabriel, National Institute for R&D in Informatics, Romania
Sigrun Olafsdottir, Rannis, Island
Silvia Horakova, SCSTI, Slovakia
Mojca Kotar, Un. Ljubljana
Gita, Un. Latvia
Georgi Simeonov, IMI-BAS, Bulgaria
Beate Eellend, National Library of Sweden
Katarina Svitkova, SCSTI, Slovakia
Will Peaden, Aston University, UK
Irena Zilih, Agency for mobility & EU programmes, Croatia
Levon Aslanyan, IST-C, Armenia
Svetlana Bogdanovic, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Serbia
Bruce McCallum, New Zealand Mission to the EU
Manuel Spaeth, DLR, Germany
Maria Buciova, CVTI SR, Slovakia
Talia Passiar, Israel
Anonymous attendee (male)
Anonymous attendee (female)

Attendees, 16 June 2017:
Gerda McNeill, NOAD Austria
Emilie Hermans, NOAD Belgium
Sylvia Koukounidou, NOAD Cyprus
Daniela Tkacikova, NOAD Czech Republic
Jessica Rex, NOAD Germany
Marina Angelaki, NOAD Greece
Paola Gargiulo, NOAD Italy
Flavia Salvatierra , MINCyT, Argentina
Manfred Halver, FFG , Austria
Melanie Stummvoll , Universitat Wien, Austria
Oh Cheon KWON, Korea Research & Innovation Centre, Europe, Belgium
Mariana Damova , Mozaika SME , Bulgaria
Litsa Kountouridou, Research Promotion Foundation , Cyprus
Darwin Munoz, UFHEC University, Dominican Republic
Farzam RANJBARAN, Universitat de Limoges, France
Claire Ferte, Business France, France
Isbelle Desutter, SYSTEMATIC PARIS REGION, France
Pierre Simay, IMT, France
Anika Werk, DLR , Germany
Luigi Dibello, APRE , Italy
Mattia Ceracchi, APRE, Italy
Mark Meilak, MCST, Malta
Eunice Ribeiro, FCT, Portugal
Gabriel Neagu, National Institute for R&D in Informatics, Romania
Biljana Kosanovic , University of Belgrade, Serbia
Svetlana Bogdanovic , Ministry of education, science and technological development, Serbia
Andreja Venturini, Ministry of education, science and sport, Slovenia
Enrique Pelayo, CDTI , Spain
Eva Montenegro, FECYT , Spain
Fernando Martin, CDTI, Spain
Sergi Sanz , ISGlobal, Spain
Andrea Hoffmann, Main Library UZH , Switzerland



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Organisers: Sylvia Ilieva (BAN & Ideal-IST Training Lead), Ivo Grigorov (FOSTER Project)
Language: EN



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