Event Description: “WooW-II is a two-day workshop on open workflows for quantitative social scientists. Despite its recognized relevance, relative complexity and wide interest, virtually no training is provided on workflow design and choice of appropriate tools. Students and researchers in the social sciences receive no guidance as to why or how they should adopt habits that favor the open science principles in their research activity. In this workshop, we will cover the main ideas behind a well-designed workflow with openness, transparency and reproducibility in mind, and will provide an introductory, hands-on, overview of a set of free tools that have been designed with such values in mind.

The structure of the workshop is organized in two main blocks. Firstly, we present basic concepts such as Open Science, transparency and reproducibility. We then stress the relevance of paying attention to the way science is carried out and connects it to the choice of tools that allow such values to be seamlessly embraced in the day-to-day practice of quantitative research in social science. These somewhat abstract ideas are made operative through the concept of the workflow, as the vehicle to embody these principles in daily practice.

The second, longer, part of the workshop includes a hands-on overview of specific tools that have been designed with Open Science principles in mind and that hence provide the ingredients of a well-thought open workflow. This is delivered alternating presentation time with demo time, allowing participants to get a real taste of what using the tools implies and see live their advantages. In this respect, they are very much advised to bring their laptops to follow along on their own.

The goal of the second part is not to get to every detail of each tool and package, but to give a gentle introduction, to provide further material and to place them in the appropriate context. Important emphasis will be put on how they contribute to building a coherent open workflow and how they relate to other tools. “

1. Introduction (http://darribas.org/WooWii/notes/01-intro.html )

2. Version control & automation (http://darribas.org/WooWii/notes/02-git.html )

3. Typesetting (http://darribas.org/WooWii/notes/03-typesetting.html )

4. Statistical analysis (http://darribas.org/WooWii/notes/04-r.html )

5. Online publishing (http://darribas.org/WooWii/notes/05-online_pub.html )

More information:
Schedule of the workshop: http://darribas.org/WooWii/schedule.html
Contents of the workshop : http://darribas.org/WooWii/
All materials and structure of the workshop: https://github.com/darribas/WooWii


Workshop on Open Workflows, 2nd edition
Daniel Arribas-Bel, Thomas De Graaff


VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Organisers: Stichting VU-VUmc (VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration)
Language: English


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