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Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology

By  van den Hoven, Jeroen  |  RRI  |  Ethics

A MOOC on how to deal with risks and ethical questions raised by development of new technologies.

Training showcase: The Fishery Benchmarking project of the IPMA

By  Catalão Alves, Carlos  |  RRI  |  Public Engagement  |  Participatory Research Agenda  |  Participatory Research and Innovation

How can we expect workers in the fishing industry to provide marine scientists with data into how different species were faring, when those same data might be used …

Training showcase: The Challenge Driven Innovation Scheme

By  Larsdotter, Karin and Garrison, Helen  |  RRI

Developed by the Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova), this programme funds collaboration in R&I within consortia of partners from different parts of society and…

Training showcase: The EPSRC’s Framework for Responsible Innovation

By  Miller, Steve  |  RRI  |  Governance  |  Funders policies  |  Organisational change

When a major funder adopts key elements of RRI there’s a real incentive on researchers and their industrial partners to take note. The UK’s Engineering and Physical…

Training Showcase: Knowledge for Climate

By  Vermeulen, Sara, Klaassen, Pim, Rijnen, Michelle, Arentshorst, Michelle  |  RRI

The Knowledge for Climate (KvK) programme aimed to make the effects of climate change comprehensible and manageable for the Netherlands. It provides a model of a go…

Training showcase: The Blueprint for Change Programme – Where economics and health meet: Changing diabetes in Indonesia

By  Ivanova, Yulia; Laursen, Sheena, and Thon, Caroline  |  RRI

Novo Nordisk is a major pharmaceutical company that set out to challenge diabetes on the other side of the world. Using a “triple bottom line” of being socially and…

Training showcase: The Hao2 company

By  Marjolein Bouwers, Melanie Smallman, Steve Miller  |  RRI

Hao2 is a ‘social company’ that develops and sells 3D virtual environments. Although these products are used in a range of settings, from businesses to education, t…

Training showcase: The Social Innovation Factory

By  Sara Heesterbeek & Bénédicte Gombault  |  RRI

The SIF is a networking organization that organization that promotes, guides and supports social and societally innovative business concepts. It is a convener for d…