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MoRRI – Monitoring the Evolution and Benefits of Responsible Research and Innovation

By  MoRRI Project  |  RRI  |  Governance

MoRRI’s main objective is “to provide scientific evidence, data, analysis and policy intelligence to support directly Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG-RTD) research funding activities and policy-making activities in relation with Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”.

RRI is a concept that is recently gaining momentum but it still lacks agreement on its definition, content and details. Hence, part of this s...

RRING project

By  RRING project  |  RRI  |  Governance BRING RRI TO THE WORLD

The RRING project aims to link up learning and collaboration in RRI by linking it to the global worlds. An Open Access RRI knwoledge base will be developed and a global community network formated. RRING will align RRI to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global common denominator.

MULTI-ACT project

By  MULTI-ACT project  |  RRI  |  Governance  |  Participatory Research and Innovation  |  Governmental policies

The MULTI-ACT project is working on increasing the impact of health research on people with brain diseases. A new model allowing for the effective cooperation of all relevant stakeholders will be created and implemented. The project follows a multi-stakeholder approach including patients and patient organizations, academics, private and public stakeholders to develop brand new tools to assess the value of research. A MULTI-AC...

Policy Brief - RRI in H2020: Current Status and Steps forward

By  Robert Braun and NewHoRRIzon Project Consortium  |  RRI  |  Governance  |  Governmental policies  |  Organisational change  |  Institutional policies

In their policy brief "RRI in H2020: Current Status and Steps forward" the NewHoRRIzon project gives recommendations on action needed to foster Responsible Research and Innovation practices.

NewHoRRIzon is a project that aims at further integrating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the research and innovation systems on national and international levels. 

MARINA - Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform

By  EU Marina RRI Project  |  RRI  |  Governance  |  Participatory Research and Innovation  |  Governmental policies  |  Science Education

The MARINA project (Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating RRI Communities) takes into account several cross-cutting topics while dealing with marine topics. Marine and resouces and innovations need to be approached holistically because marine topics cannot be considered separately from health, transport, security, food and agriculture issues, and other aspects of our daily life which are addressed by the EU Horizon2020 Funding Pr...

CIMULACT - Citizen and Multi-actor consultation on Horizon 2020

By  CIMULACT Project  |  RRI  |  Public Engagement  |  Participatory Research Agenda  |  Participatory Research and Innovation

CIMULACT engages more than 1000 citizens in 30 countries in Europe, along with a variety of other actors, in shaping a desirable sustainable future. In a highly participatory process, the project will provide a unique contribution to European research and innovation policies and topics, create dialogue and shared understanding among the actors, and build strong capacities in citizen engagement, thereby enhancing responsible research and inn...


By  NERRI project  |  RRI  |  Public Engagement  |  Participatory Research and Innovation

The NERRI project organised participative activities around Europe to inform and increase society’s understanding of neuro-enhancement and to guarantee that neuro-enhancement techniques are developed in accordance with the values and expectations of society.