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Monitoring the evolution and benefits of responsible Research and Innovation

By  Jack Stilgoe  |  RRI  |  Funders policies  |  Governmental policies  |  Organisational change

This Policy Brief elaborates evidence from the MoRRI project, which shows that RRI has benefits for society, the economy and for science itself and that measuring RRI and its evolution is possible. The MoRRI project indicators provide a solid foundation for policy and further study. The brief demands to  improve evidence for RRI and to expand the scope and scale of RRI activities in the ninth framework programme.

Critical Trends Shaping Science - FIT4RRI

By  Helene Brinken  |  RRI

Helene Brinken hold this presentation about FIT4RRI at the webinar "Critical Trends Shaping Science".

The recording of the complete webinar is available here:

Critical Trends Shaping Science: Benchmarking Report from the FIT4RRI project

By  Luciano D'Andrea  |  RRI

Luciano D'Andrea presented the results from the FIT4RRI benchmarking report about trends, barriers and drivers of RRI. 

The recording of the complete webinar is available here:

Quality Criteria for Citizen Science Projects on 'Österreich forscht'

By  Florian Heigl, Daniel Dörler  |  Citizen Science

The platform Österreich forscht ( was founded in 2014 with the objectives of (1) connecting citizen science actors in Austria, (2) providing the broadest possible overview of citizen science projects in Austria, and (3) scientifically advancing citizen science as a method. Following the initiative of the platform Österreich forscht, many of the institutions that are active in citizen science joined forces in the Citiz...

A FAIRy tale

By  Karsten Kryger Hansen , Mareike Buss, Lea Sztuk Haahr  |  RRI  |  Science Education  |  Open Science  |  Open Data  |  Open Data Definition

A fake story in a trustworthy guide to the FAIR principles for research data.


License: CC-BY-SA 4.0 Attribute: ‘DK Fair på tværs’

The FAIR project is realised through a cooperation between the following Institutions: DeiC / Deff / DTU / CBS / AAU / KU /Rigsarkivet / Det Kgl Bibliotek

Scholarly Makerspaces - A new Perspective on Library Services for Arts and Humanities Researchers

By  Ben Kaden, Michael Kleineberg  |  Open Science  |  Science Education  |  Citizen Science  |  RRI

Ben Kaden and Michael Kleineberg (Humboldt University Berlin) presented "Scholarly Makerspaces" at the workshop "How to make the most of your publications in the Humanities? Discover evolving trends in open access" (FOSTER Plus & DARIAH-EU", 21.01.2019) at Humboldt University Berlin.

MoRRI – Monitoring the Evolution and Benefits of Responsible Research and Innovation

By  MoRRI Project  |  RRI  |  Governance

MoRRI’s main objective is “to provide scientific evidence, data, analysis and policy intelligence to support directly Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG-RTD) research funding activities and policy-making activities in relation with Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”.

RRI is a concept that is recently gaining momentum but it still lacks agreement on its definition, content and details. Hence, part of this s...