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FutureTDM licences analysis

By  FutureTDM  |  Text And Data Mining  |  Licences  |  Legal Issues

The FutureTDM project developed a matrix, that considers several TDM licences of publishers and how their terms might affect your ability to carry out TDM acti…

Guidelines for supporting TDM at universities

By  FutureTDM  |  Text And Data Mining  |  Open Science

Text and data mining can refer to a broad range of different activities, but fundamentally it involves using computer algorithms to analyse content and generate new…

Data management guides for researchers

By  FutureTDM  |  Research Data Management  |  Legal Issues  |  Licences  |  Intellectual Property Rights  |  Text And Data Mining

These guidelines are intended to give an introduction to the principles of data management. They are aimed primarily at academic researchers who collect, create, st…

Guidelines for content licensees

By  FutureTDM  |  Text And Data Mining  |  Legal Issues  |  Licences

Here we discuss the various intellectual property (IP) laws that can be relevant to the use of content for TDM activities. In some cases, exceptions to these laws a…

Legal guidelines for TDM practitioners

By  FutureTDM  |  Legal Issues  |  Text And Data Mining

The legal landscape around TDM is more complicated than TDM practitioners may realise. In fact, there are many instances in which TDM is potentially unlawful. These…

Guidelines for TDM practitioners by FutureTDM

By  Kiera McNeice, Marco Caspers, Maria Gavriilidou  |  Legal Issues  |  Text And Data Mining

This document represents the first iteration of a series of practitioner guidelines for the increased usage and implementation of text and data mining (TDM) in vari…

Data Librarian Experience (presentation)

By  Stuart MacDonald  |  Research Data Management

The University of Edinburgh is one of the first Universities in UK to adopt an RDM Policy. Stuart will present on the University’s RDM programme for policy implemen…

“Promoting Open Science among young researchers: Challenges and Opportunities- A Seminar of Open Access to Research Data"

By  Gintare Tautkeviciene  |  Open Data  |  Open Science  |  Open Services  |  Open Repositories

On April 15, 2015, the second seminar in the FOSTER-supported training programme “Promoting Open Science among young researchers: Challenges and Opportunities“, too…

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