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Open Access refers to online, free of cost access to peer reviewed scientific content with limited copyright and licensing restrictions.

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By  Bosman Jeroen, Kramer Bianca
Publication year: 2014  |  Open Access
By  Emanuel Kulczycki
Publication year: 2014  |  Legal Issues  |  Open Access  |  Gold Route  |  Ethics
By  Kimmo Koskinen, Liisa Siipilehto, Arja Niskala, Marja Moisio, Mika Holopainen, Jussi Männistö, Pekka J. Salminen
By  Peter Suber
Publication year: 2013  |  Open Access  |  Open Science
By  Nicole Potters
Publication year: 2016  |  Open Access  |  Open Data


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University of Ljubljana
Kongresni trg 12, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
24.09.2014 - 25.09.2014
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Kings College London (KCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QML)
King's College, London, UK
Aarhus University Library
Aarhus University Library, Aarhus, Denmark
Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (Germany)
Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities, Germany
22.09.2014 - 23.09.2014
Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) (Spain)
Facultad de Derecho. Salón de Grados
KU Leuven (Belgium)
KU Leuven, Belgium
Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)
Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
18.09.2014 - 21.09.2014
Max Planck Digital Library (Germany)
Max Planck Society, Munich, Germany
03.12.2014 - 04.12.2014