Open Science

Open science is the movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society.

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By  Christine Silvy, Inra
Publication year: 2015  |  Open Data  |  Open Science
By  Australian National Data Service
By  Association of Southeastern Research Libraries
Publication year: 2013  |  Open Access  |  Open Data  |  Open Science
By  Martin Donnelly
Publication year: 2015  |  Open Science
By  Maciej Chojnowski
Publication year: 2014  |  Open Science  |  Open Science Definition
By  Gwen Franck, Dominique Chalono, François Renaville
Publication year: 2014  |  Open Access  |  Open Science
By  Université de Toulouse
Publication year: 2013  |  Open Science  |  Green Route
By  Lars Bjørnshauge
Publication year: 2014  |  Open Science  |  Open Access Initiatives


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MCAA (Fernanda Bajanca, Maja Mise), FOSTER+ Project
Google HangOut & YouTube
Ivo Grigorov (FOSTER+) with the support of Anna Rovira Fernandez (UPC)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Campus Nord), Sala Àgora, Plaça de Telecos
CRG, Wikimedia, FOSTER
Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona
Freie Universität Berlin
NIOO-KNAW (Netherlands Institute for Ecology)
Artis Zoo, Amsterdam
07.12.2017 - 08.12.2017
H2020 FOSTER+ Project, H2020 COLUMBUS Project, H2020 SeaCHANGE Project
Instituto Superior Técnico Av. Rovisco Pais 1049-001 Lisboa