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Intended audience Policy makers and Funders

The course is aimed at those with an intermediate level of knowledge, and comprises:

  • A general introduction to terms and operation of Open Access and Open Data.
  • An exposition of demonstrable advantages of Open Access and Open Data for the funder’s remit.
  • An explanation of the requirements of Horizon 202...
By  Peter Suber
Publication year: 2014  |  Open Access  |  Open Science
By  ScienceOpen, Inc.
Publication year: 2015  |  Open Access  |  Open Science
By  Helene Brinken
Publication year: 2017  |  Open Science
By  Esther Dzale Yeumo et Dominique L'hostis, INRA Pôle Open Data
Publication year: 2015  |  Open Data  |  Open Science
By  Thérèse Hameau