Organisational mandates

Organisational mandates
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Written endorsements by organisations on specific matters.
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Dr Nancy Pontika has a PhD in Scholarly Communications with a focus on Open Access from the [School of Library and Information Science](, at Simmons College, Massachusetts, United States. She has been involved in international open access projects, such as the [Open Access Tracking Project]( (OATP), the [Open Access Directory]( (OAD), in which she also serves as an Editor, and the [SPARC Europe Open Access Diary]( Her interests are scholarly communications, licenses and rights, open science, open access, and open access funders' policies and their compliance. In the past she did an internship at the [Berkman Center for the Internet and the Society](, Harvard University, as a research assistant on open access, at the [Repositories Support Project]( as the Project Coordinator and she was also a repository manager at [Royal Holloway](, University of London. Currently she is working for [CORE](, an aggregation service of open access content, funded by Jisc. She is also the External Liaison Officer at the [United Kingdom Council for Research Repositories]( (UKCoRR). Nancy has been involved in two European-funder projects, [FOSTER]( and [OpenMinTeD]( and has published both at international conferences and journals based on this work.

Languages: English (EN), Greek (EL)

Topics of interest: Open Science, Open Access, Open Access Routes, Open Access Definition, Open Access Initiatives, Gold Route, Green Route, Open Access Use and Reuse, Definition of Open Reproducible Research, Open Science Workflows, Open Reproducible Research, Open Science Policies, Open Science Tools, Organisational mandates, Open Science Guidelines, Open Metrics and Impact, Open Science Definition, Open Repositories, Open Services

Audience: Librarians and Repository managers, PHD Students, Policy makers and Funders, Project Managers, Research Administration, Researchers and Students

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