Research Data Management

Research Data management comprises the disciplines related to managing research data as a valuable resource. These can include, but are not limited to, research data governance, security and quality.

Resources by relevance

By  Marieke Guy, Lieke Ploeger
Publication year: 2015  |  Research Data Management
By  Australian National Data Service
By  DataONE
Publication year: 2012  |  Research Data Management
By  Kimmo Koskinen, Liisa Siipilehto, Arja Niskala, Marja Moisio, Mika Holopainen, Jussi Männistö, Pekka J. Salminen
By  Janez Štebe, Sonja Bezjak
Publication year: 2014  |  Research Data Management
By  Gema Bueno de la Fuente
Publication year: 2016  |  Research Data Management
By  Joint Task Force on Librarians’ Competencies in Support of E-Research and Scholarly Communication
Publication year: 2016  |  Open Access  |  Research Data Management