The MARINA project (Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating RRI Communities) takes into account several cross-cutting topics while dealing with marine topics. Marine and resouces and innovations need to be approached holistically because marine topics cannot be considered separately from health, transport, security, food and agriculture issues, and other aspects of our daily life which are addressed by the EU Horizon2020 Funding Programme. 

MARINA looks at challenges from different perspectives and uses a multi-stakeholder approach including citizens to find a RRI solution.

8 strategic marine Hot Topics issues involving all the Horizon2020 societal challenges:

  1. Marine biotech
  2. Sea Transportation
  3. Deep sea mining (including bio prospecting)
  4. Marine Change caused by climate
  5. Renewable energy (wave, wind, tidal)
  6. Tourism and coastal cities
  7. Fishing and aquaculture
  8. Pollution caused by human land and sea pressures.

The project conducts workshops to develop solutions jointly with citizens and policymakers. Also, you can visit the mobile exhibition about the current challenges for the marine environment. Currently, the project is developing best practices and recommendations for RRI.

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