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How do you put Open Science into practice?

FOSTER Open Science trainer bootcamp

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From 18-20 April 2018, FOSTER invited 30 participants to learn about open science training. Sunny weather and the Centre of Genomic Regulation welcomed everyone in Barcelona.

Open Science Training Handbook


A group of fourteen authors came together in February 2018 at the TIB (German National Library of Science and Technology) in Hannover to create an open, living handbook on Open Science training. High-quality trainings are fundamental when aiming at a cultural change towards the implementation of Open Science principles. Teaching resources provide great support for Open Science instructors and trainers. The Open Science training handbook will be a key resource and a first step towards developing Open Access and Open Science curricula a...

Roadmap for Implementing Open Science Training Practices in Research Institutions

3 steps to support Open Science: Promote, support, motivate

Our policy briefing “Roadmap for Implementing Open Science Training Practices in Research Institutions” outlines three key ways that are important to move towards a practical implemenation of Open Science in academia. Additionally, 6 practical steps are described that can be approached by research institutions to support the cultural change towards Open Science....

DARIAH-EU, CRG & GESIS takeover FOSTER social media accounts

Social Media takeover by DARIAH EU

European research communities are moving towards more openness and transparency. In some disciplines Open Access, Open Data and Open Reproducible Research are already standard, for others these components of Open Science are relatively new trends.

In order to bridge this gap FOSTER’s activities target several research communities in particular. Our disciplinary partners ensure that the most relevant and burning questions of the respective research communities are addressed in al...

The Open Science Training Handbook

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Doing research “in the open” opens up an amazing spectrum of opportunities. More and more it becomes clear that we have a whole new kind of a digital education challenge here: How do we keep up with research practices at the current pace of change in research? Online materials for learning about Open Science are available on large scale. However, when it comes to practical guidance we identified a gap. What resourc...

The Open Science training handbook - FOSTER Book Sprint


Book Sprint 12-16 February 2018

5 days in February 2018: A group of 14 authors will come together at the TIB in Hannover and create an open living handbook on Open Science training. Professionals from various areas of expertise will collect and share their experiences on multiplying Open Science.

CESSDA launches online data management guide with expert advice on all stages of the research data life cycle

Note: This article is from the introduction to the CESSDA ERIC Expert Tour Guide.

CESSDA - Expert tour guide on Data Management - CC-BY-SA

We are very proud to announce the launch of our online expert tour guide. Over the past year, eleven CESSDA archives (ADP,

How to comply with Open Science policies: services and tools to support researchers – workshop OpenAIRE-FOSTER in Spain

Article written by Eva Montenegro Piñeiro

The workshop, organised by OpenAIRE Spanish NOAD in collaboration with FOSTERPlus project took place as an associated event of “ECA – Ecosistemas del Conocimiento Abierto”, a major event in Spain for the open access and repository community, during Open Access Week.

The main focus of the workshop was to introduce to researchers and research managers European and State-level open science related policies and how to comply with them. Pilar Rico (FECYT) and Remedios Melero (CSIC) were the speakers during the first morning session. Pilar explained the open access and research data policies in H2020 and state-level ...