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Registration now open for 'Software skills for your research' in Potsdam, Germany

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"Software Writing Skills for Your Research
Develop, Publish, Cite, and Get Credit for Scientific Code "

Registration now open for this course organised by

FOSTER seminar 'Embracing Data Management - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice' June 4th 2015, Brussels

20150510 repository-3This post is written by Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (UGent, OpenAIRE) and originally appeared on the OpenAIRE blog 

The Flemish Interuniversity Council, VLIR, organized a Foster workshop on Open Science and Research Data Management. The conference lived up to its name covering a wide variety of topics on Open Data and Data Management, ranging from policies and legal aspects to case studies, researcher’s experiences and useful applications.

After a general introduction, in which Stef...

Fostering open science in social science

FOSTER logo 200On 10th of June, the Data Library team at the University of Edinburgh ran two workshops in association with the EU project FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research), and the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science.

The aim of the morning workshop, “Good practice in data management & data sharing with social research,” was to provide new entrants into the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science with a grounding in research data management using the online interactive training resource

Foster training session: Open Access and Open Data in Horizon 2020

On June 11, 2015, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency organised a one-day training session for multipliers in Vienna. It was attended by 33 participants from Austrian universities and large research organisations who are responsible for counselling on open access and open data, either at research support offices or at libraries. Therefore, an optimal transmission of knowledge within the respective institutions is ensured.


The training programme started with an introduction on the legal requirements regarding Open Access and Open Data in Horizon 2020. Two workshops focussed on the practical aspects on implementing these requirements in H2020 ...

Data Scientist Training for Librarians (DST4L) will be in Europe for the first time from 9-11 September 2015

 The amount of research data is growing exponentially. Digitalization, new instruments and new methods create data on an unprecedented scale.

However, it also provides exciting new possibilities:

  • to utilize the data more intensively and in new contexts
  • to combine data sets across projects
  • to visualize the data
  • to uncover hidden and implicit knowledge in data sets
  • to establish new collaborations and promote and accelerate research and innovation.

Do librarians have a role in this development? We think so!


DST4L is aimed specifically at librarians and research libraria...

FOSTER training programme:"Open Access and Open Data in Horizon 2020"

What to know, how it works, how to manage

Maria-Theresien-Platz in WienOn June 11, 2015, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is organising a one-day training session in Vienna. 


This one-day training session targets multipliers who are consulting on open access at Austrian universities and large research organisations – such as staff of research support offices and librarians – as well as members of the Open Access Network Austria.

Following an introduction on ...

FOSTER training programme: YEAR Annual Conference 2015 - An Open Success



The third Annual Conference organised by YEAR, the Young European Associated Researchers Network, took place on  11-12 May in Espoo, Finland, and was hosted by VTT and co-funded by the FOSTER Project. The Conference offered training and networking possibilities for young (respectively early-career) researchers with the focus on how to integrate Open Science in European Projects.&nbs...

YEAR Annual Conference 2015 - An Open Success

This post originally appeared on Michaela Vignolis "My Open Research Blog". She is Junior Scientist at AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, and Board member of YEAR since 2013.

FOSTER training programme: Training the trainers on Open Access and Open Science

OA and funding agencies. Training sessions at the National Science Centre (Poland)

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The Open Access training sessions for members of the NSC staff were organized by Centrum Cyfrowe , a NGO which works towards social change through the use of digital technologies in many areas such as culture, science
 and governmental data. Centrum Cyfrowe has organised a series of informative sessions on Open Access and Open Science called "Training the trainers", supported ...

Open access & research data management: Horizon 2020 and beyond (UCC, 14th-15th April 2015)


This two-day training event was held in UCC in April, and was jointly hosted by UCC LibraryUCC Research Support Services, Teagasc and the Repository Network of Ireland (RNI). The first of its kind to be held in Ireland, the event introduced attendees to the concepts of open research and research data management within the context of