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Open Access to Publications and Open Research Data

University of Ljubljana, Assembly Hall, Kongresni trg 12, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 24 and 25 September 2014

The University of Ljubljana has carried out three trainings under the FOSTER umbrella – for Slovenian decision makers in science, for the researchers of the University of Ljubljana and for the librarians of the University of Ljubljana. European open access policies and infrastructures for peer reviewed publications and research data were presented at the three events, together with the relevant activities in Slovenia.

In total, 68 participants attended the events. They were very pleased with the presentations and have reported gaining good overview about open access i...

FOSTER call for Open Science Training 2015

Do you feel you can effectively train on open science topics? Apply now and help us to make a difference. We are inviting proposals to host FOSTER training events on open access, open research data and open science to be held from January to November 2015.

With your help, we want to organize both engaging and instructive events that reach out to diverse disciplinary communities and countries in the European Research Area (ERA).

FOSTER support

We are looking to support different types of training events and strategies, ranging from short (one or two-hour) workshops to multiple day workshops, from face-to-face training to e-learning sessions. FOSTE...

What is the Open Data Pilot in Horizon2020?

A novelty in Horizon 2020 is the Open Research Data Pilot which aims to improve and maximize access to and re-use of research data generated by projects. It will be monitored with a view to developing the European Commission policy on open research data in future Framework Programmes.

You can deposit your data in dedicated data repositories. Some repositories, such as Zenodo, accept both publications and datasets. Data repositories allow you to provide persistent links to your datasets, so that they can be cited, linked and tracked. This also allows for version control. Just like pu...

Should science always be open?


We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way new knowledge is shared. The internet allows for complete openness for research, innovation and personal and government information. Openness to resources Mixed Selection from academia, government and industry changes the playing field for citizens, scientists, inventors and industryMixed Selection, allowing all to participate in innovation and value creation, regardless of geography and background.

SPARC Europe/LIBER Joint Workshop on the FOSTER and PASTEUR4OA Projects

SPARC Europe/LIBER Joint Workshop ‘Open Access Policy for Europe: the Implications for European Research Libraries’

Beginning of July, the annual LIBER conference took place in Riga, Latvia. Approximately 350 delegates, many of them representing LIBER members, were in attendance for three days of talks, workshops, networking and events in the amazing setting of the newly opened National Library of Latvia. In collaboration with SPARC-Europe, LIBER hosted a pre-conference workshop to introduce two of our current project...

FOSTER MOO Cards at SPARC-Europe/LIBER Joint Conference

Susan Reilly gives presentation at LERU workshop

On 6 June 2014 LIBER organized a seminar on Open Scholarship in Brussels. Among the projects where LIBER is involved, Susan Reilly emphasized the importance of trainings and explained FOSTER's solution to this.

Link to slides

2014-06-06 LERU seminar Brussels

Open Repositories 2014 in Helsinki

who can write about it?

Quick Start for research project administrators

If you are a researcher project manager or research administrator, the links below will inform you about necessary steps to comply with EU regulations:

  • Read about main ideas of project FOSTER
  • Look out for FOSTER training events and resources, as well eLearning courses for research administrators
  • Download presentations about NEW(!) requirements for Open Access and Open Science in EU Horizon 2020 projects
  • ...

FOSTER presented at OER14

Birgit Schmidt presented a poster highlighting FOSTER project's ideas and partners and calling for participation of the Open Educational Ressources community.

See the video                      2014-04 Poster at OER14 Newcastle