Classroom session 2: Organizing and Disseminating


| Topic | Time | Open Science aspect |
| ----- | :--: | :-----------------: |
| Introduction/review | 45 min. | Yes |
| Organizing: metadata and annotating | 45 min. | Yes |
| Break | 15 min. | - |
| Publishing | 90 min. | Yes |
| Wrap-up: Ready to publish | 30 min. | Yes |
| Evaluation, admininstration | 15 min. | - |

*Time needed: 45 min.*
Practical information; final review of online module; time for questions from participants.
Topics like Open Access and Open Data are included in the review.
###Organizing: metadata and annotating
*Time needed: 45 min.*
Anti-problem brainstorm, in groups of 4:

* What should you do to ensure that in 4 years’ time you will not be able to find or reuse information or data you now have?
* The most important points from all groups are collected at the front of the class. The teacher can add points from a checklist, if necessary.

Followed by a brainstorm:

* What are the solutions to the problems collected in the anti-problem brainstorm?

Organizing data and information properly, including meaningful metadata, is very useful for the research process, but is also vital for sharing and/or publishing data during or after a research project.
*Time needed: 15 min.*
###Publishing: peer review, co-authorship, data publishing, open access
*Time needed: 90 min.*
Participants make short assignments about aspects of publishing:

* peer review (including public and open peer review)
* co-authorship
* data publishing (including finding relevant published data)
* open access publishing (including the green and golden routes and the TU Delft policy). Participants are asked to access the [TU Delft Open Science Guide ]( to find out about Open Access publishing

Some of the assignments are individual and some are group assignments, but in all cases participants are asked to discuss their results and ideas with each other.
*Time needed: 30 min.*
Group assignment Ready to publish:

* Participants are asked to take their Ready to Publish lists and, in groups of four, create a complete checklist of all things researchers should think about before publishing their first article (or present their first paper at a conference.
* Each group presents their final checklist and answers questions from the other participants and the teacher.

This assignment serves as a wrap-up of the complete workshop and feature topics concerning Open Access and Open Data.
###Evaluation, administration
*Time needed: 15 min.*
Participants are asked to fill out an evaluation form and get their participation forms signed.

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