FOSTER training programme: "Translating Policy Ambitions into a Compliant Reality: applying and adapting best practice in Open Access Publishing and Data Management"

Association of Research Managers and Administrators (UK) organises training sessions on Open Access


ARMA logoTargeting the UK’s professional community of research managers and administrators and others dealing with UK funders, ARMA (UK) will deliver a combination of classroom-based and online learning to provide these specialists with the training required to enhance understanding of and compliance with Open Access regulation.


For more information and updates, see the FOSTER event page

Specifically, ARMA (UK) will focus on seven core areas:

  • Process
  • Technical
  • Advocacy
  • Performance Review
  • Exceptions
  • Collaborations
  • Working with Publishers

ARMA (UK) will deliver two free classroom-based events in London and York, providing specialist training for up to 50 delegates.
The programme for these events will be identical, ensuring colleagues in both the north and south of the UK can access the training.

The programme will deliver a detailed introduction to the seven topics but to provide as many research managers and administrators as possible with access to the training, ARMA (UK) will also deliver four 60-90 minute webinars for up to 100 participants per webinar, focussing on:

  • Defining an OA Support Service;
  • Understanding, navigating and utilising OA support options;
  • Advocating OA Policy, Process and Practice; and
  • Working with Publishers.