FOSTER training programme: Training the trainers on Open Access and Open Science

OA and funding agencies. Training sessions at the National Science Centre (Poland)

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The Open Access training sessions for members of the NSC staff were organized by Centrum Cyfrowe , a NGO which works towards social change through the use of digital technologies in many areas such as culture, science
 and governmental data. Centrum Cyfrowe has organised a series of informative sessions on Open Access and Open Science called "Training the trainers", supported by FOSTER.

Presentations will soon be uploaded to the FOSTER training portal. The next FOSTER training event organized by Centrum Cyfrowe deals with Open Access publishing. Click here for more information


 What is Open Access and how can an Open Access policy be best implemented by a funding agency?

We were looking for answers to these questions during training sessions at the National Science Centre (NSC) in Krakow. As NSC is the main granting agency in Poland, its budget for grants for basic research reaches 250 mln euro per year. Therefore, NSC is the most popular place for Polish researchers to look for financing for their work.

The FOSTER trainers were experts from the Open Science Platform (ICM UW): dr Krzysztof Siewicz, Lidia Stępińska-Ustasiak and Michal Starczewski. They presented the state of open science, both worldwide and in Poland. During two days, four groups of NSC staff were trained. Each session was divided into two parts. The first part was dedicated to general issues of openness in science, especially to the green and gold routes of OA. In the second part, legal aspects of an open access policy for a funding agency were discussed.