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Why bother?

Are you excited by the potential of marine open data? Are you aware of the vast resource of European marine open data made available by EMODnet ?

Join us at the 1st EMODnet Open Sea Lab to explore EMODnet's marine open data! During a three day open data bootcamp from 15-17 November 2017 in the vibrant Startup Village in Antwerp Belgium, we will ideate and co-create innovative solutions to unique problems using EMODnet’s wealth of marine data and services.

Why me?

Are you a coder, developer, data enthusiast? Maybe you are a maritime company with a unique challenge or an environmental manager interested in new tools to map or manage your marine space? Maybe you are a student or an entrepreneur with a novel idea? Whatever your experience or interest, EMODnet Open Sea Lab will bring together experts in European marine data management from EMODnet with experts in digital innovation from IMEC to work with you to turn innovative ideas into working applications!

Why Maritime content is the bomb

With four seas, two ocean basins, 89,000km of coastline and approximately 50% of the population living in our coastal areas, Europe is truly a maritime continent.

The potential of our marine resources is huge and so too are the pressures on them and the responsibility to manage them sustainably.

Access to accurate and adequate marine data has never been more important and EMODnet is working to provide you with access to open data on many aspects of the physical and chemical state of our European seas and oceans, their depth, the geological structure of their seabeds, the habitats that they support, the biodiversity that inhabits them and the human activities that take place there.

This is an open resource and we want to see it used in innovative ways to solve your problems or to create new applications. The Open Sea Lab will match-make and bring together teams and will involve ideation, co-creation, prototype development and validation by mentors.

Register your interest to be kept informed of the launch of the call for submissions to the Open Sea Lab at our kick-off event on 22 September and watch this space for more information on our plans and program for the 1st EMODnet Open Sea Lab, 15-17 November 2017.


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