In order for open science to happen, it is important to get out of your own silo and connect to stakeholders with different interests in science, policy, research workflows and infrastructures. The open science cafe provides you with the opportunity to do this in an informal setting.

Should institutes mandate sharing research data? Do new students expect TDM to be daily practice? And what is more important: data sharing or open access to publications? During the open science cafe, you will discuss these and other topics with scientists, policy advisors, publishers and others in a relaxed and easy atmosphere. Learn how others think about these issues, what their expectations are, and how they relate to your own.

This open science cafe is organized by LIBER, OpenMinTeD, FOSTER Plus, EU-DAT, FutureTDM, EOSC and OpenAIRE


Roundtable, Multidisciplinarity, Open Science, Open Access, Policies.


Everyone (researchers, policy advisors, project officers, publishers, service providers, legal experts, libraries, innovators, funders)


In this workshop, you set the agenda! You can pick a card with a statement or question related to open science from a pile, talk about this for some time, and then move on to the next card. After half an hour you move on to a new table and a new group of people. A moderator will keep an eye on the conversation and make sure that all voices are heard.


- Martine Oudenhoven, LIBER
- Simone Sacchi, LIBER
- Nancy Pontika, Open University
- Gwen Franck, EIFL and LIBER
- Iryna Kuchma, EIFL
- Mappet Walker, Frontiers
- Daan Broeder, Meertens Instituut
- Marjan Grootveld, DANS
- Vasso Kalaitzi, LIBER


National Library of Greece (NLG) Stavros Niarchos Foundation Athens Greece

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Organisers: OpenMinTeD, FutureTDM, EU-DAT, FOSTER Plus, EOSC, OpenAire
Language: English


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