Internal Training for REA Project Officers

Objective: Provide practical skills on Open Access and DMPs for REA Project Officers
Skills to be achieved: 
a) Ability to train colleagues (targeted trainings tailored for needs of specific units)
b) Ability to perform basic DMP assessment and decide when external expertise is needed
c) Ability to answer the most common questions from H2020 beneficiaries on Open Access to publications and data as well as DMPs
Short policy introduction (15-20 min) - EC/Daniel Spichtinger
Lessons from REA on implementation (15-20 mins) - EC/Jarkko Siren
What you need to know about research data management to assess DMPs (PIDs, repositories, metadata standards, open data, FAIR) (15-20 mins) - FOSTER
FAQ on open data policy & DMPs (15-20 mins) - All

Coffee (15 mins)

Practical DMP assessment using REA assessment grid (1hr 40) – FOSTER led
Demos / time to explore useful tools e.g. DMPonline, re3data, FAIRsharing, OpenAIRE tools, etc. (20 mins) - FOSTER

Best practice example DMPs
Arts and Humanities example with reviewer comments from Bristol…;
Social science example on sex offender treatment from Leeds (vetted by Uni RDM team)  
Earth science examples shared by DataOne project in USA



Sarah Jones (DCC)

Eloy Rodrigues (UMinho)

Iryna Kuchma (EIFL)

Gwen Franck (EIFL)



Place Rogier 16 Brussels

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Organisers: FOSTER
Language: English


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