Italian National Workshop

Padova February 24 2017 

The participants to the workshop appeared interested in the concept of RRI and open to its implementation. While only those who took part to relevant EU projects and activities were aware of Responsible Research and Innovation, all the participants linked RRI or its keys to their previous experiences in order to make sense of this concept, for instance with open access and ethics.

The panel included not only research performing and research funding organizations, but also technology transfer bodies and NGOs. This broad composition of the panel allowed to explore RRI in the wider innovation ecosystem.

When the research community is considered, the participants identified decisions on funding, publications, and (peer) evaluation as key decisions to encourage a behaviour consistent with RRI and its keys. When the innovation ecosystem is considered, social actors are deemed as often incapable to formulate their needs in clear and effective ways, in particular SMEs. Regulators and public policy makers are considered, in this case, as key actors to mainstream RRI among dispersed economic actors.