National Workshop on RRI in Norway - report

The participants in the workshop represent different organizations, areas of authority and functions in the Norwegian research- and innovation sector. Overall, the participants in the Norwegian workshop took for granted that responsibility in research and innovation and reflection over the relation between research, science, society and the serious challenges our societies face today is both crucial and unavoidable. Only one organization explicitly and actively employed the term “RRI” in its organizational discourse and practice, but dimensions and keys associated with RRI were recognized and conceived as important by all the participants. Some accentuated sustainability and democratic processes, others accentuated research ethics and integrity, while others again stressed the importance of anticipation, involvement, reflection and responsiveness. The differences did not reflect a conflict in interest concerning responsibility, however, but were more a reflection of the different contexts of action and areas of responsibility and authority of the organizations participating in the workshop. The participants shared a common interest in the important role that questions of both responsibility, sustainability and scientific integrity should play in both today’s and the future’s research and innovation politics and policies. They also shared a common concern over the challenges research, researchers and research institutions are facing in a time of post-truth and post-trust between citizens and scientists.