Aim: This introductory webinar, aims at providing you with a clear overview of what is expected of applicants in Horizon 2020 in regard to Data Management Plans (DMPs) as part of the Open Research Data Pilot, including online tools and self learning modules for in depth information. The webinar targets H2020 NCPs and as such will focus on what you should know to be able to advise your clients. Furthermore, we will explore the use of DMPs as a stepping stone to a Knowledge Management and Exploitation Strategy for the project.

Learnings Objectives:

Participants of the webinar will be able to understand what a DMP is in the context of a H2020 project; learn some examples of how the H2020 evaluation process perceives DMPs and Open Data; recognise what is expected of NCPs to consult H2020 applicants regarding the drafting and continuous update of DMPs in their project; and become acquainted with online tools for developing a DMP, as well as learning more through self learning resources available online.

Target group:
All H2020 NCPs!

Webinar Platform: to be announced


Webinar Content/Agenda:

Three short presentations, followed by a Q&A session:

What does EC expect from H2020 applicants on Open Science?

Michalis Tzatzanis, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Austria:


All an NCP should know about DMPs, but didn’t have the time to ask!

Sarah Jones, Digital Curation Centre (DCC), UK


DMP as a stepping stone for a Knowledge Management and Exploitation Strategy

Ivo Grigorov, Technical University of Denmark (DTU, Denmark)


This webinar is organised in cooperation with the FOSTER project (



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Organisers: Michalis Tzatzanis (NCP Academy), Sarah Jones & Ivo Grigorov (FOSTER+)
Language: EN


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