The main objective of the proposed training event is to bring together Greek postgraduate students and junior researchers (biomedical and applied sciences, as well as humanities) and to introduce them to the challenges and opportunities of the open scholarship agenda in different perspectives of scholarly research activity (open access, open educational resources, open research data, open knowledge).
In particular we aim to familiarize junior researchers and students with the opportunities, obligations and rights in disseminating their work, in accordance to the applicable laws, regulations and policies adopted in the national and/or institutional level.

To this end, people with long term experience in practicing the various aspects of Open scholarly communication from Greece and other countries, from various positions and fields (publishing, research organizations, funding bodies, policy makers, libraries, ICT providers, etc) will be engaged as trainers and facilitators.
During the event, participants will work together in small groups to develop projects aimed at “opening” their research in various levels. Training topics include:

  • The fundamentals of the Scholarly Communication lifecycle
  • Open Knowledge and Open Education: introducing paradigm shifts
  • Getting published in the right way: literature review, information search & retrieval, writing & editing, peer review & quality control processes, reputation & metrics etc
    Open Access: basic concepts & publishing models
  • Open Data: why, where & how
  • Tools and standards: open standards, open source software, scientific and research networks & social media, cloud/sharing technologies, crowd-sourcing, data repositories etc.
  • Digital preservation, long term access and reusability of research results
  • Copyright issues
  • At the end of the workshop participants will be able to identify all aspects of Open Science, understand the legal aspects concerning the presentation of their scientific results, evaluate and decide the best way to disseminate their results and use all available tools to share their outputs in the open access framework.
    Should the event be successful, our Library will add this event in its calendar as a biannual event in order to train all postgraduate students (post-graduate programs are two-years long) as soon as they start their postgraduate research (in Greek only)

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    Papadatou Fieroula


    Introduction: Presentation of the structure and the scopes of OS3
    The fundamentals of the Scholarly Communication lifecycle
    From theory to practice I: Practical Issues in Open Science and Open Access
    Hands on: Measuring the impact of your research: citations, impact factors, alternative metrics
    Publishing in Medical Sciences: an expert’s view
    Publishing in Humanities: an expert's view
    Stamelos Georgios
    4 points that need attention when writing a technical paper
    Open science: the big picture (presentation)


    Library & Information Center University of Patras Greece

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    Organisers: Library & Information Center, University of Patras
    Language: Greek


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