In higher education and research, the topics of open science and research data management have gained interest. This module stimulates the use of open research data in teaching, thus furthering the open science movement.

With the help of the teacher community, the module offers inspiring resources, such as good practices and examples of lesson plans and learning activities. It also provides practical information on how to use open data in teaching and indirectly encourages the acquisition of research data management literacy among students.

This module can help you:

  • Integrate open data in your teaching
  • Stimulate open science
  • Stimulate reuse

This course was developed as part of the Use (Open Research) Data in Teaching project (UDIT) which was initiated in 2017. The objective of the project is to encourage and help teachers in higher education use open research data in their teaching. The motivation of the project is the importance we see in active learning and in open science, and the increasing focus dedicated to these two concepts, both on the institutional, national, and international level. The partner institutions in the project are Radboud University, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, and University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


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