Yulia Karimova


I have a degree in Mathematics and Informatics, a Masters degree in Information and Science. Currently, I am attending a PhD in Digital Media at the University of Porto, and I'm a Data Steward of INESC TEC research data repository https://rdm.inesctec.pt/. I ́m also a researcher at the INESC TEC and involved in project "TAIL" related to research data management. I collaborate with researchers from different scientific domains to analyse the difficulties they face in RDM activities and DMP creation to reduce their effort and time required to execute these activities. Moreover, I have contributed to the improvement of metadata quality by the implementation of the controlled vocabularies on Dendro platform used by researchers for data preparation before publication. 

Language(s): Russian (RU), English (EN), Portuguese (PT)

Institution: FEUP / INESC TEC

Country: Portugal

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