Editor: Prof. Constantinos Pantos, NKUA

Biomedical Data Journal (BMDJ), ISSN 2367-5322, is an open access journal aiming to facilitate the presentation, validation, use, and re-use of datasets, with focus on publishing biomedical datasets that can serve as a source for simulation and computational modelling of diseases and biological processes.

Mandate for Access to underlying dataset: YES
DOIs issued: YES

Note from FOSTER Editor: FOSTER recommends Data Journals that mandate that data is deposited in long-term data repositories, and persitent idetifiers issued (e.g. DOI). We recommend you verify the credibility of any peer-reviewed Open Access journal that you are unfamiliar with, before you submit your publications (e.g. Directory of OA Journals www.doaj.org, Jefferey Beall, Librairan at University of Colorado, maintains a widely cited credibility list of Open Access publishers at http://scholarlyoa.com/ ).

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Authors: Procon Ltd.
Publication year: 2015
Language: English (EN)
Level of knowledge: Advanced: apply
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