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Saved Content
When you save all the descriptive information about the course, you will be forwarded to a new page. To start adding lessons, click on the "Course Outline Section" located at the top of the page, in the yellow box.

When you click on the "Course Outline Section" you will be directed into a new page. Click on the "Create New Lesson" button to start adding content to the new lesson.

Provide a title and a short description for this specific lesson:

The information that you need to add at the next step relates to the course resources:

  • Order: is the numeric position of the resource inside a lesson. You can use this section to move resources up and down in the list.
  • Lesson Resource: is an autocomplete field to be filled with the name of the resource already uploaded on the platform.
  • Lesson Label: is an optional name to give to the lesson, if empty the resource title will be used.

If you would like to delete this lesson click on "Delete resource from lesson". If you would like to add more resources click on the "Add one more resource" button. Otherwise, click "Save".

After saving the page you will get forwarded to the "Course Outline" page. When you are in this page, make sure that you save the course outline again.


From that page you can access and add content to the rest sections of your course, "Quiz" and "Certificate".

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