70 researchers, project managers, academic and research organisations, funders and policy makers will be trained on integrating OA and open data principles and practices into their current research work-flows.


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Key aspects and approaches of open access, open data and open science
Importance and benefits of open access for science ubiquitous sharing, dissemination and promotion
Ivo Grigorov
Business models for OA. Copyright and licensing under OA
UNESCO&Open Access - achieving the last mile
Bhanu Neupane
Open Research Data - A step by step guide through the research data lifecycle, data set creation, big data vs long-tail, metadata, data centres/data repositories, open access for data, data sharing, data citation and publication
Sarah Callaghan
Policy framework and roadmap for open access, open data and open science
EC policy and recommendations for open access to scientific information and its preservation
Horizon 2020 mandate on Open Access to publications
Horizon 2020 Open Research Data Pilot
National Information Day "Open access to scientific information and data"
Ianita Zherkova, Mariela Deliverska, Radoslav Pavlov & Peter Stanchev


Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

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Organisers: Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Language: English


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