Sentiment Analysis/opinion Mining

The process of computationally identifying and categorising opinions expressed in a piece of text, especially in order to determine whether the writer's attitude towards a particular topic, product, etc. is positive, negative, or neutral. [Wikipedia]

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Intended audience Industry and Business, Programmers, Researchers and Students, Text and Data miners
Level: Introductory: no previous knowledge is required

In this course we will explain how IXA pipes have been integrated as Docker images in the OpenMinTeD (OMTD) platform and how can they be used (

The aim of IXA pipes is to provide a modular set of ready to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. IXA pipes uses the same approach across NLP tasks in order to create robust processors both across domains and languages.


By  Bo Pang, Lillian Lee
Publication year: 2008  |  Sentiment Analysis/opinion Mining