​Responsible Research and Innovation is: Involving society in science and innovation ‘very upstream' in the processes of R&I to align its outcomes with the values of society. A wide umbrella connecting different aspects of the relationship between R&I and society: public engagement, open access, gender equality, science education, ethics, and governance. A cross-cutting issue in Horizon 2020, the EU Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020. (Definition from https://www.rri-tools.eu/about-rri)

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By  Editor Caroline Baillie, University of Western Australia
Publication year: 2006-2014  |  RRI  |  Gender  |  Gender sensitive research  |  Ethics  |  Institutional policies
By  Dr Alexei Grinbaum, Dr Ellen-Marie Forsberg
Publication year: 2017  |  RRI  |  Science Education  |  Public Engagement  |  Governance  |  Gender  |  Ethics
By  Dr Ellen-Marie Forsberg , Dr Sachin Chaturvedi
Publication year: 2017  |  RRI  |  Science Education  |  Public Engagement  |  Governance  |  Gender  |  Ethics
By  Janice Elliott (Public Policy Forum, Canada) Sara Heesterbeek (Rathenau Institute, The Netherlands) Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer (Global Voices, USA) Nikki Slocum (United Nations University - Comparative Regional Integration Studies)
By  Programme Development and Evaluation group at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Publication year: 2014  |  RRI  |  Public Engagement  |  Citizen Science
By  EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
By  Living Knowledge: the International Science Shop Network
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Intended audience Librarians and Repository managers, PHD Students, Policy makers and Funders, Project Managers, Research Administration, Researchers and Students
Level: Introductory: no previous knowledge is required

This course helps you to understand open business models and responsible research and innovation (RRI) and illustrates how these can foster innovation. By the end of the course, you will:

  • understand key concepts and values of open business models and and responsible research and innovation
  • know how to plan your in...