Course for Repository managers, Data archives managers, Librarians, Journal editors and publishers, Data providers, Research managers and administrators.


1. Understand of the OpenAIRE infrastructure and content harvesting
2. Identify the OpenAIRE guidelines metadata specifications, levels and OAI sets
3. Define the levels of compatibility based on specific needs and technical context
4. Identify and implement system configurations, tools and facilities for repository platforms
5. Use the OpenAIRE validator tool for compatibility tests and registration

Start Date: 2 May 2016

End Date: 6 May 2016

Online Session: 6 May - 11:00 - 12:00 CET

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Understand how the OpenAIRE infrastructure harvests content & recognize OpenAIRE's Content Acquisition Policy

Know the main Guidelines metadata specifications: for Funding info, Access rights and license info, Embargo date information, Referenced Publication, Related publications and datasets. Identify compatibility levels and OAI sets

How to identify levels of compatibility and the needed OAI sets.

Know how to Include the list of EC projects and the list of licenses as available to OpenAIRE, and be aware of mechanisms to filter results for newly created OAI-DC set, project types, access level.

Use of the OpenAIRE validator tool to run a compatibility test and to apply for the OpenAIRE registration.

  • Validator

    Select from the list, or enter the base OAI URL of the repository/journal.