10th November 2016, 10:00 - 11:30 CET

Resources involved in TDM processes include content resources to be mined, TDM tools and services operating on them as well as the reference/ancillary knowledge resources the latter utilise at the time of processing. OpenMinted sets out to create an open, service-oriented e-Infrastructure for TDM of scientific and scholarly content. To this end, the OMTD-SHARE metadata schema serves as a facilitator, providing the interoperability bridge between the various resource types, and as an intermediary with the users (TDM developers and end-users) guiding them to locate the resources that best answer their research needs and that can be put together in a TDM workflow that can operate seamlessly. The webinar will include the presentation of the schema, main principles and strategies selected to achieve interoperability, focusing on specific exemplary points, as well as issues that are raised when populating the OpenMinTeD registry with resource metadata from various sources.

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Organisers: OpenMinTeD
Language: English


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