This event is addressed to academic researchers, staff and students, on the opportunities of Open Access, Open Science and Open Data, to support the vision of the open society which can benefit from a number of related developments.

A combination of lecture-based and hands-on sessions will be addressed to researchers of all disciplines and sciences, as well as, to researchers and scientists of two specific domains: Health and Journalism.

The sessions will include the following modules:

  • Getting started in the School of Data (hands-on)
  • School of Data Advanced Steps (hands-on)
  • Data expedition for journalists (hands-on)
  • Health Open Data (hands-on)
  • Open Education
  • Licensing issues with Open Data
  • Programme

    Contact information


    Open Science and Open Opportunities
    Charalampos Bratsas
    Data journalism at the Guardian
    Open Education
    Stathis Konstantinidis
    Open Health
    Panagiotis Bamidis
    Open Licensing and Creative Commons
    Geo-information infrastructures for aggregation, visualization and analysis of heterogeneous geo-spatial Open Data
    Newspapers as Databases: legal protection and openness
    Getting started in the school of data
    Spending stories
    Charalampos Bratsas
    Infographics: from data to knowledge
    Open Cube Workshop on Linked Statistics
    Mapping Open Data to the RDF data model with [R2]RML
    Greek Journalism: An Old Wrinkled Craft in the Age of Web 3.0?


    Aristotle University’s Research Dissemination Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece

    Full details

    Organisers: Open Knowledge Foundation Greece
    Language: Greek , English


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