FORCE2017: Research Comm & e-Scholarship Conference | FOSTER

October 25-27, 2017, Berlin, Germany

Who is FORCE2017 for? Scholars, researchers, librarians, data managers, grant administrators, funders, publishers, editors, societies and anyone else interested in scholarly communications

What’s it about? The FORCE 11 group (the Future Of Research Communications and E-scholarship) aims to improve knowledge creation and sharing by encouraging better use of new technologies. The 2017 conference, will address topics such as transparency in research workflows, the importance of effective communication both within and beyond academia, and visualization of science and scholarship.

Why should I attend? Join us in Berlin if you are passionate about the potential for transforming research processes and communications. We guarantee dynamic thinking and discussion, whether on the podium or over coffee. You’ll leave us with new ideas and new connections.


Berlin, Germany

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Organisers: WWW.FORCE2017.ORG
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