THOR Bootcamp is coming to Budapest, join us to explore the wonders Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) can do!
In collaboration with the Library and Information Centre of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the THOR project is excited to bring its work and expertise on interoperable research to the scholarly community in Hungary. The Bootcamp format is designed to bring a mixed audience together, provide an open forum where librarians, research funders and publishers, service providers and developers can discuss the role of PIDs in scholarly communication, consolidate PID use cases, and explore integration and application possibilities.
The event aims to transfer knowledge, boost adoption and support PID related strategic planning and technical integration with practical guidance. As usual, we will take the community response to our pre-event questionnaire into consideration, and tailor the content for you - we intend to have you armed to the teeth with the PID knowledge and tools you need by the end of the Bootcamp!
You should attend this Bootcamp if you are interested in knowing more about how you can utilize PIDs for your work, no matter you are research funder, publisher, librarian, tool builder or researcher, PIDs benefit us all.

Agenda (TBD)
The 2-day Bootcamp will be delivered in a knowledge transfer / hands-on integration format.
Information professional day
A talk and discussion intensive day will be arranged for the scholarly communication stakeholders seeking knowledge for the strategical planning of PID service and adoption.

Young researchers day/ Technical day
Introductory sessions dedicated to young researchers focusing on PID adoption and optimizing PID usage in their research workflows, and technical lead integration and development sessions, aim to offer the audience with a specific project in mind an opportunity to work with the PID technology experts and solidify their implementation.
The fixed schedule will be announced soon - sign up for the event to receive updates of the agenda first hand!

Organization partners
Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Since its foundation in 1826, the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has dedicated itself to supporting scientific and scholarly research and safeguarding its precious collections for generations to come. Preserving its traditional values and relying on state-of-the-art information technology it serves the public by making its holdings accessible to an ever-expanding circle of users.
Project THOR
THOR ( is a 30 month project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. It will establish seamless integration between articles, data, and researchers across the research lifecycle. This will create a wealth of open resources and foster a sustainable international e-infrastructure. The result will be reduced duplication, economies of scale, richer research services, and opportunities for innovation.


Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Arany János street 1. 1051 Budapest Hungary

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Organisers: Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Language: English


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