Venue: Main building of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki city centre, Bulevardi 31
Audience: Nordic research policy-oriented stakeholders (22 Nov) and research communities (21 and 23 Nov)

Key Speakers include Jean-Claude Burgelman (Head of Science Policy, Foresight and Data at European Commission), Anita Lehikoinen (Permanent Secretary for the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture) and Sverker Holmgren (Programme Director for the Nordic Council of Ministers eScience Globalisation Initiative, NeGI).

Theme: Open research data
The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture will organize by its Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT) a Nordic conference on open research data on November 21-23 in Helsinki. The conference consists of main event (on 22nd) and co-organized workshops (on 21st and 23rd). The main event is targeted for policy-oriented stakeholders and the workshops for wider audicence, such as researchers and open science enablers and promoters.

The aim of the event is to bring into discussion the societal impact of research through transparency and openness, sharing and re-use of data and assessment of quality of research. In addition the conference focuses on open science enabling factors including new ways of conducting collaborative research, funding instruments and support services for researchers.

The conference aims to enhance networking of event participants all sharing the same value of promoting open science and research through sharing research data. The conference will offer opportunities to share best practices, ideas and solutions to bring the open science embracing visions into concrete actions from Nordic perspective.
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Opening words
Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary for the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture
EU Open Science Policy Platform
Jean-Claude Burgelman, Head of Unit: Science Policy, Foresight and Data at European Commission
Transparency and Societal Impact, Freedom of Speech: Openness, respect, and participation: Consent in a time of transitions
Hallvard Fossheim, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bergen
Quality of research: Evaluation and Quality of Data: <a href="">Does Open Science matter at Proposal Evaluation?</a>
Jutta Haider, Associate Professor in Information Studies (Lund University) & Ivo Grigorov, Project Manager (Technical University of Denmark)
Open Access to Research Data -report
Sverker Holmgren, Programme Director for the Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI)
Implementation of the Danish RDM Strategy
Henrik Pedersen, Professor at University of Southern Denmark
Making Research Data Available - Are The Universities Prepared?
Max Petzold, Director of Swedish National Data Service and Health Metrics Unit
Concerns in Opening Research Data: Open Data vs. Commercialisation and Innovation
Mikael Karstensen Elbæk, Senior Project Officer Technical University of Denmark & Niclas Jareborg, Data Manager at Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences
Open Science Impact Study
Lauri Tuomi, Dr., CEO Profitmakers Oy (Ltd)
Open Science and Research Award
Erja Heikkinen, Counsellor of Education, Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki city centre Bulevardi 31

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