Open science is a set of perspectives, techniques, and tools that enhance the transparency, reproducibility and credibility of research. It will also help researchers to be more organised and focused.

In light of the ongoing ‘replication crisis’ across the disciplines of the social sciences, there is increased pressure on scholars to engage in research practices that are ‘open’ meaning transparent, verifiable, and reproducible. Our course aims to develop the perspectives, knowledge, and skills needed by researchers to make their research more open. Broadly, we will cover the what, why, and how of open science practices.

This course is for early career and experienced researchers with:

No or limited prior experience in open science;
Demonstrated quantitative research skills; and
A good grasp of the social science literature (economics, political science, psychology, sociology, criminology, social work, etc.) or the public health literature (epidemiology, clinical trials, etc.).


London School of Economics

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Organisers: Dr Thomas Leeper, Department of Government LSE, Dr Arnaud Vaganay, Founder and Director of Meta-Lab
Language: ENG


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