Online module: Searching and Organizing


| Topic | Time | Open Science aspect |
| ----- | :--: | :-----------------: |
| Organizing: Reference management | 2 hrs 30 min. | Yes |
| Searching | 3 hrs 40 min. | Yes |
| Organizing: Data | 1 hr 40 min. | Yes |
| Wrap-up: Ready to publish | 10 min. | Yes |

###Organizing: Reference management
*Time needed: 2 hrs 30 min.*
Participants are asked to consider criteria for selecting reference management software and decide which software to use. One of the criteria is the ease of use for collaborating and sharing references with others.
Participants use their selected reference management software in practice and share their thoughts and experiences on the discussion forum. They also comment on each others’ contributions and receive feedback from the teacher and/or e-moderator.
*Time needed: 3 hrs 40 min.*
Participants are asked to create a search plan (using the template provided) and upload it to be peer reviewed by their fellow participants.
Participants peer review each others’ search plans (using the Rubric provided) and receive feedback from the teacher and/or e-moderator. They then edit their search plan, carry it out in practice, evaluate the results and try it again. They store any relevant documents found in their reference management software. They share their questions and experiences on the discussion forum.
Depending on the information resource used, Open Access publications can often be found alongside traditionally published publications. If journals or conference proceedings are not available in the Library collection, individual papers can sometimes be found and accessed in institutional repositories.
###Organizing: Data
*Time needed: 1 hr 40 min.*
Study information about data management (via the links provided) and answer some questions about data and data management on the discussion forum:

* How do you (or will you) store your data, *and why?*
* What are the advantages and disadvantages of the way you store your data?
* With whom do you share your data or will you share your data after the end of your research project, *and why?*
* Does your research group or do your colleagues/supervisor have a Data Management Plan, *and why (or why not)?*

As with reference management, participants share their thoughts on the discussion forum, comment on each others’ contributions, and receive feedback from the teacher and/or e-moderator.
###Ready to publish
*Time needed: 10 min.*
Participants are asked to review what they have learned during the online module and add to the Ready to Publish list they started during classroom session 1.
The Ready to publish assignment continues during classroom session 2.

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